Pacific RIM

Here are some screengrab of the different shots I have been working on at ILM on Pacific Rim.

And Check this making of hong kong in pacific rim most of the backgrounds are mine. It is like ILM did my personnal digimatte reel....!!


Some still renders of the Ironed-L

Maya + vray



Millenium Falcon Model

A slightly different post this time...

Since I'm working at ILM, I was always envying the amazing models shown off in the gallery..
So I tried to do one myself...I have even put some tiny blue lights in it, to simulate engine flux...


Silent Hill 2 : the end title sequence

This film is the end title sequence from Silent Hill - Revelation, second movie from the video games of the same name. The film was released on October, the 26th, 2012 in United-States and was directed by Michael J. Basset.
The end title sequence is directed by Kook Ewo.

This was an amazingly short and challenging project on which I have work as VFX supervisor. We had only one month from scratch to wrap up this 2 and half minutes of full 3d stereo sequence. But it was a great opportunity thanks to Chez Eddy to be able to work on such a liscence as Silent Hill. It was a real pleasure to work on this terrific but beautiful ambiance imagined by Kook.

Tools : Maya, Mental Ray, Nuke

Hope you'll like it

SILENT HILL 2 - END TITLE from ChezEddy on Vimeo.