Nespresso Dhjana (Update)



So in june I have worked for Nespresso again! This time all was about making a growing Tree in the rain forest!! The project was commissioned by Soleil Noir, the website company.


It is the intro sequence I have directed for the new Nespresso’s website : Dhjana.


It show a tiny coffe bean growing into earth to become a huge accacia in the rain forest. This giant tree is a support for presenting the different sections of the website. I also had to make the super huge background image (10K) of the accacia.

We were two and had about a month to do it, using Maya 2012, Mudbox 2012 and Nuke 6.2.

The great Maxime Granger make the setup/Fx and the animation, I did all the rest including art direction….


Hope you enjoy…

Nespresso - Dhjana from ChezEddy on Vimeo.


You can check the final website here :



here with the original types on the website





Dhjana_marmier_global_vBIGthe whole tree in real size


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Jonathan Lankry said...

Très impressionnant !
Il est magnifique cet arbre :)