Agathe Cléry

Here are some screenshots of the title sequence of the feature “Agathe Cléry” starring Valérie Lemercier.
I have worked on it at the “Add a Dog” studio handled by Kuntzel+Deygas artists crew.
We were tree to four to work on it  during about two months.
I did part of modelling, layout, rig, animation, rendering and compositing.
You can view the complete sequence on the Add a Dog website : http://www.addadog.com/
or here :

AC_OK_00000 AC_OK_00001
AC_OK_00002 AC_OK_00003 AC_OK_00004 AC_OK_00005 AC_OK_00006 AC_OK_00007 AC_OK_00008 AC_OK_00009

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