The Settlers 7

On the 25th of march came out Ubisoft/bluebyte “Settlers 7 : Paths to a kingdom”.

I have directed with Clement Delattre and Vivien “Looky” Chauvet, the ingame cinematics at the studio “Chez Eddy”.

As the complete sequence is about 6 minutes long and reveal some of the key point of the Settlers story   I have made a special trailer for you to see our work….

     Animation supervisor : Nicolas Hu              Lighting Supervisor : Jean-Charles Kerninon

Settlers 7 cinematic Trailer from Quentin Marmier on Vimeo.


Settlers_7_01 Settlers_7_04 Settlers_7_05

Settlers_7_07 Settlers_7_08

Settlers_7_09 Settlers_7_10

Settlers_7_11 Settlers_7_12

Settlers_7_13 Settlers_7_14

Settlers_7_15 Settlers_7_16



Following some of the work I made for the cinematic as concept artist:








Two illustration colored for the level transition (original rough by Vivien chauvet):

Settlers_7_transmap_04_V07_child Settlers_7_transmap_07_all

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