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“Chez Eddy” was asked trough “Mac Guff Ligne” company to produce three short advertising (30 secondes each) inspired by the animation short “Burning Safari” from Gobelins.
The production time was extremely short (one week only for rendering).
Here are some Screenshots.
I did the rendering supervision and the matte paintings.
Director : Franck Baradat

Anteater_master_v1_0172    Anteater_master_v1_0214
Anteater_master_v1_0267    Anteater_master_v1_0355
Anteater_master_v1_0367    Anteater_master_v1_0380
Anteater_master_v1_0598    Anteater_master_v1_0654
you can see the movies on “Chez Eddy”’s website : here

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