Nespresso Variations!

Hi there,
A long time with no post for a good reason, I was completely crawling under work doing my last direction for the “Nespresso variations” website.
It’s about pieces of animations that illustrate the “magical univers” of nespresso’s cap factory.

The project was commisionned by "Soleil Noir", a large website company based in Paris, currently working on the communication of the Nespresso's caps special christmas edition.

We did about 3 minutes of full 3D animation based on the early "Soleil Noir's ideas", using the now known Maya/mental ray’s pipeline we used to use at Chez Eddy.

Thanks to Chez Eddy, it was an incredible opportunity for me to think a whole univers for a reknown brand. Doing first all the concepts, following with the direction and the cg/lighting supervision, it was a huge challenge to pack it in three months. Thanks to an amazing team (about 12 different cg artist), this project would stay for me one the most challenging and entertaining.
hope you enjoy.

Nespresso Variations 2010 - Intro from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

Nespresso Variations 2010 - Almond from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

Nespresso Variations 2010 - Caramel from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

Nespresso Variations 2010 - Vanilla from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

03_Planche_concept_05_Planche_concept_ 09_Planche_concept_ 11_Planche_concept_ 13_Planche_concept_ 16_Planche_concept_ 19_Planche_concept_ 24_Planche_concept_ 35_Planche_concept_ 37_Planche_concept_ 44_Planche_concept_ 55_Planche_concept_56_Planche_concept_58_Planche_concept_64_Planche_concept_ 65_Planche_concept_ 68_Planche_concept_ 69_Planche_concept_ 71_Planche_concept_ 77_Planche_concept_ 78_Planche_concept_




following different screenshots:
Nespresso variations marmier_01Nespresso variations marmier_02 Nespresso variations marmier_03 Nespresso variations marmier_04 Nespresso variations marmier_05 Nespresso variations marmier_06 Nespresso variations marmier_07 Nespresso variations marmier_08 Nespresso variations marmier_09 Nespresso variations marmier_10 Nespresso variations marmier_11 Nespresso variations marmier_12 Nespresso variations marmier_13 Nespresso variations marmier_14 Nespresso variations marmier_15 Nespresso variations marmier_16 Nespresso variations marmier_17 Nespresso variations marmier_18 Nespresso variations marmier_19 Nespresso variations marmier_20 Nespresso variations marmier_21 Nespresso variations marmier_22 Nespresso variations marmier_23 Nespresso variations marmier_24 Nespresso variations marmier_25 Nespresso variations marmier_26 Nespresso variations marmier_27


Vera said...

I'm completely in love with this drawings. The site is absolutely amazing, and the videos and music put us on a fantastic magic world. Continue with the good work!

Romain said...

Nice work!

BoK said...

C'est superbe Quentin!!

RommBaldi said...

I LOVE THE VARIATIONS SITE and sadly Nespresso will be taking it down because the capsules are all sold out! What is the harp music used in the animation? Who's the composer? It's beautiful!

john said...
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Rosalinda Ursery said...
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Hannah bolton said...
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